TRP - Complications

After The Fire : 1980*f : playz.... The girls kept Lynet busy on solo missions(A crew had rolled a the Stage out on a Trailer.) to deliver 2 Semi-Circular Couch sections for our Bowling Alley,A Soda-Fountain,CO-2 Charger & 2 dozen tanks of assorted Syrups; Four,50kilo Wooden Barrels of shelled Nuts(Almonds,Brazil Nuts,Cashews & Walnuts) on one pallet and another carrying 5 kits to convert Puch Mopeds to Granny Basket Trikes,as Ines had installed on her Vespa. Losing her hefty Bra in the process,Lynet was having tons of fun playing 'Hit & Run' with the Humpahos during her shuttle missions until she clocked-out at Midnight and came calling on us toting 2 Bottles of Absinthe. She sprouted a cheery smile when I stepped-up to take my turn at her,glancing down to watch me tug the zipper of her baggy Blue Worker's Jumpsuit and push my right hand into the sopping crutch of her White cotton undies. Rising to meet my eyes with a lusty glare while shrugging her shoulders free of sturdy fabric,Lynet shivered,chattered teeth and leaned back against the Bar,gasping,"I want to be a little-bit weak for you". Musing,"Really"?,Blossom topped-off a Tumbler of Absinthe and pushed it towards her,"Drink Up"! // Lynet presented the enchanting visage of a hairy,sturdily voluptuous Hobbit MILF. A good 20pounds of her dense,5'2" 125pound frame was dedicated to Lynet's ponderously swaying breasts,sources of pride and long,thick nipples rubbed tenderly raw against the coarse cloth of her Jumpsuit. She factually did go weak in the knees when I took a nip at her left nipple with a Dog-like shake of my head; Faintly babbling for me to continue gnawing on her favorite triggers,Lynet hugged me to the chewy task of nursing on her sensitive stiffies while her clasping sex raised a slushy ruckus on my diddling fingers. // The 37 year-old Veteran Libertine enjoyed keeping it simple. The final 9 of Lynet's 12 years of Marriage had been spent actively 'Swinging'. Complications arose when her Ex began to settle into a pattern of Vinyl-Suited Masochism that boded no divergence from the strictly formulated step-by-step course of Hot Wax Torture levied upon his Manhood. Lynet had spent the nearly 4 years since her Divorce prowling Amsterdam's numerous Youth Hostels & Hash Cafe's hunting fresh,young Lovers..Who had few preconceived Sexual complications to deal with. Lynet readily recognized she'd stumbled upon the right kind of Sinners and was eagerly looking forward to joining the Tribe by-way-of sparing herself the final complication of a 5-hour Commute to her 'Happy Hunting Grounds'..... (Currently Listening To : Marillion : Made Again {Live})
Topics: Incredastory, Mature