TRP - AFC Ajax

..."Madman Drummers bummers and Indians in the Summer with a teenage Diplomat".... We finished our Micro-Concert off with a Flamenco/Rock rendition of War's 'Low Rider'. Gauging the applause for a thoughtful moment,I held the Guitalao out to Salesman #3,"Ich werde es kaufen"!(I will buy it!) That,and a pass to pick through the racks of Albums,Cassettes & Movies on VCR was all the Shopping the girls were willing to allow me on this break. The Cruiser was the only 'Bus' in that section of the Municipal parking lot,which provided us with a nicely unobstructed panoramic view across the River Main to the Marienberg Fortress on the Bluff high above the narrow slice of Wurzburg on the far Bank. There weren't many Cars out & about which enhanced our view immensely,but that rare slack traffic also appealed to a lot of City-folks who were out of their Apartments strolling along the Riverside,so we had to keep the Cruiser's lighting muted to avoid casting naughty silhouettes. Peppers was Spiced by the semi-public scene as-per her indicative Nickname,turning one of my favorite moves around by having me climb aboard the Lounge's tabletop where she hid within my shadow ravenously eating me alive. // The Cruiser rocked as the Fork-Lift shuttled up & down the ramp stacking sections of Stage in the cargo-bay. Dana brought the Lift's Driver,a short,buxom Blonde Buttercup named Lynet upstairs to share a Coke and a smile after the loading was done. There were a number of Bumper Stickers on the Cruiser's ramp; The one that caught Lynet's eye was 'AFC Ajax',Amsterdam's Soccer Team,the same Logo she wore as a patch on her soft-billed Cap. We were not aware that this particular design,which incorporated the 'XXX' Central Standard of Amsterdam's Coat-of-Arms,served as a symbol to those who enjoyed the Seedier aspects of Europe's Adult Vacation Capitol. We took it as a quirky joke..We had no idea we were flying a 'Freak Flag' that tagged ourselves as being on the Inside of another-level joke...... (Currently Watching On DVD: The Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King - Disc1)  
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