TRP - Propositional Phases & Phrases

Electric Light Orchestra : Eldorado Instrumental Medley : playz.... Jessica-Three was totally enamored with the swift 'Justice' I'd wrought upon Collins. He wasn't much of a man,more akin to a Specter of Mindless Rage masquerading in Human form,so I felt no shame returning an unhealthy double-dose of it to him. I don't want to dwell on Jessica's state-of-mind except to state that the only physical damage she sustained came after she was Raped 'cuffed to an Office Chair by wrists & ankles; Collins attempted to get Romantic and Jessica couldn't restrain herself from laughing at his pathetic antics..Resulting in a slap-fest that split her lip & shut her up while infecting Collins with a terminally livid case of 'Penis Envy',whose next immature move was aimed to kill-off The Competition-aka-Me. Based on their final interaction,it became important for Jessica to choose Honest Romance as the method to readjust her Head-Space. // Jessica & I had been simmering in an Anticipatory Stew until Wilde Beaver Fever & the pair of Oompah Bands we'd been splitting Stage-Time with took our final bows together and raised Mugs for the night's last,"ZIGGY-ZAKKI!! ZIGGY-ZAKKI"!! High-Prosit to conform with Quiet Hours imposed at 2200hours.('My Friends' replacing the customary 'Motherfuckers' in this Family/Neighborly environment : "Drink My Friends!..DRINK"!!) 15minutes after departing the Stage Jessica was on a shifting recline against me in the Love-Nest's Tub simmering in a steamy Bubble-Bath sharing a pype of Bubblegum Black Hash and a pitcher-sized Mimosa with me through a straw as I followed her hushed instructions and Ceremoniously removed,"..The Stink..". We were engaged in a frisky bout of kissy-face while standing to rinse the sudz away with the hosed nozzle when Jessica spat my tongue out and swiftly dropped to one knee,twisting my Gold Ring while a Hypnotic twinkle beamed from her Bright Brown eyes,"Will you Marry me and my Sisters..y'know?..Under Tribal Law"? I hauled her back to her feet,"Hell Yeah,Hun!..When-and-Where"? "You'll be smelling the Cakes Baking any minute; Tomorrow,when we get back from Church". "Niiiiiiiiiice"!..... (Currently Watching On DVD : National Lampoon's Awesomest Maximus)      
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