TRP - 'It was a very cool crowd'.

..."Low life,high life,oh,let's go. Take me down to Junior's Farm"!.... The Festival Atmosphere was drawing a Large crowd. There were approximately 2 Acres of Cars parked near the Old Stand Of Woods,2 side-by-side Soccer Matches and the grounds before the Quarry appeared to be about as 'Beachy' as Bavaria got. Gashof Dull,Kauzen Brau and Privatbrauerei Ochsenser sent Trucks up the Bluff from Ochsenfurt's Brewery Row and were raking-in the Deutsch Marcks catering to those who had not brought bottles to the Party. Lanie had passed on the 15% 'Cut' they offered for doing business on our Property in-lieu of an agreement for them to pick-up Litter & Garbage-Disposal for the entire Site. They jumped at the cheaper option and hired teams to patrol the grounds with Pick'em-up sticks and haul Unimog loads of Trash away to the Dump. The Brew-Crews also got credit for a major assist by calling-up a couple of Bierfest Bands who Trucked their Gear up to the Reservation and,with many helping hands pitching-in,bolted their pre-fabricated Stages together rather quickly in front of the Flatbed Trailer while we took our first break. // It was a very cool crowd. The terms 'Civilized' & 'Polite' also spring to mind,as if by silent consent everyone conspired to bore the Hell out of the 6-pack of Polizei that came sniffing around the scene..Though it wasn't as if boredom was conveyed by their smiling faces as they wandered towards the Soccer Matches sipping Sodas & munching Burgers after watching the Radio-Controlled Naval Battle between ET's 14-foot long WW-I Dreadnaughts HMS Queen Elizabeth & SMS Konig fought to a declared 'Draw' as a couple of dozen kids wore themselves out repeatedly racing up the rocks & cannon-balling down trying to churn the Quarry into stormy Seas. Even then,our Lifeguards organized the chaos by coaching them that Timing was the key element when building Swells,sending multiple Divers off every 10seconds; Ample time for them to swim clear of the Impact Zones before the next launch. Except for Hellos & Goodbyes,those were about the only waves being made by our fun-loving guests; The Beautiful Spring Weather and other phases of the 'Atmosphere' were not conducive to fertilizing hassles..... (Currently Listening To : Bob Marley & The Wailers : Babylon By Bus)     
Topics: Incredastory, Mature