TRP - Winds-of-Change

..."You see me now,a Veteran of a thousand Psychic Wars. I've been living on the edge so long,where the winds of Limbo roar".... The First-Sergeant was Way Behind on current events. Upon hearing the News of Nevins' Suicide he broke-down and began to squawk when the Provost Marshal initiated a second round of questioning concerning the two M-72 LAW(Light Anti-Tank Weapon) Rocket Tubes in the Toolbox he'd just bought from the PX's Automotive Shop; Nevins had spread the word through MP back-channels that there was a Million Dollar Bounty on my head..Two Million if I could be delivered to him alive. The Baader-Meinhof/Red Army Faction Kidnappings,Murders & Terrorism were items of Recent History that weighed heavy on the minds of American Law Enforcement & Legal Beagles that served in Europe during those hectic times. Being among them,the Provost Marshall drafted a follow-up message to All Units in VII Corps,with copies addressed to his Superiors at USAREUR HQ & The Pentagon containing a factual account of the events at Leighton Barracks,as spurred by Nevins' knack for spinning misleading Propaganda that carried the weight of his Murderous Intentions against me. //  It was obvious this was a huge event. I had shared a premonition with Chaplain Doherty that the Winds-of-Change were rising to carry away many of the Negative Vibrations that had been Plaguing us. Those winds carried the word of further injustice through Leighton Barracks like wildfire. Before we finished setting the Concert Stage on a borrowed Flatbed Trailer the number of folks gathering on our 'Lawn' was estimated at close to 1,000 and growing by the Carload. Jessica-Three had her second wish come true when the Campers & Picnickers answered her Martial-Beat Intro to Blue Oyster Cult's 'Veteran Of The Psychic Wars' and Marched towards the Stage cheering & punching the Sky..... (Currently Listening To : Blue Oyster Cult : Some Enchanted Evening)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature