TRP - Black-Light / Toolbox

..."But I see the tip of the Iceberg and I worry about you".... Jessica made 3 Wishes I could not deny in good-conscience; 1) Complete the Mission and get fitted for Bowling Balls. 2) Blow off steam banging her Drums in Concert. 3) My finest sticky-sweet Romance after the show. // I admired Jessica's grit. The first was couched in terms of broadcasting scornful determination that I felt were necessary & proper to convey to our Friends And Detractors. A kooky little a sideline to our trek to the Bowling Lanes was the 75%-off Sale the Pro Shop was having on 'Black-Light Balls' following the Failure of their Friday Midnight Madness Bowling-Party-League Promotion. It may not have worked for the general Public,but Bowling-Parties were exactly what we aiming for,so we brokered a deal with the Manager for the 18 brightly-hued swirly plastic (see: Tie-Dyed) Ebonite Balls on Sale plus drilling,30 Incandescent Black-Light tubes and 2sets of Pins dipped in Florescent Colored Resins. I chose a Green & Yellow 16-pounder to match my Slutty Buddy Uniform and a Classic Black Ball,both engraved with 'WUF' in Gold Filigree. Jessica ordered an Orange & White 14-pounder,engraved with 'J 3'. We had our Balls drilled first,tossed a couple of practice frames and left them for the Tribe to tote back to the Reservation with the rest of the Bowling Swag. // A scratch crew of Aviation Mechanics from the 100-plus Campers the Nightwatchman gathered in-support had given the Bumblebee a Cautionary Inspection for potential Sabotage,ran the Turbine up and performed their final checks as the 3 of us strolled across the Parade Ground towards the Helipad. The Nightwatchman would sum-up his fears after he'd climbed in the back and donned a headset,"That First-Sergeant was way-late responding to an emergency situation and he had a mighty-nice Toolbox in the back of his Truck". "Whoah",I turned to face him,"That Toolbox still had a price-tag on it". Gone snarly,"Yes,it did",the Nightwatchman unsnapped his harness,grumbled,"I'll catch a ride back",tossed off his headset and left the Bumblebee in one helluva hurry..... (Currently Listening To : Deep purple : Machine Head)    
Topics: Incredastory, Mature