TRP - GOOD Friday ~ 'My Catch'

..."Mothers,tell your Daughters to stay away from Rock'n'Roll. 'Cause it may entice them and mesmerize them,even satisfy their Souls".... Announcing that this was a 'Guilt-free-Fuck' blew Pamala's friends away because it was fairly common practice for Giebelstadt girls to bed G.I.Joe's in hopes of earning a Wedding Ring as a means of escaping the drudgery of Rural Life..Married Soldiers were an entirely different proposition,as those sort of sorted Affairs usually entailed the transfer of Cash and/or Rationed & High Dollar items that were widely frowned-upon as being among the lowest forms of Prostitution. I had been seen traipsing around Giebelstadt with a variety of Women since I'd been Stationed there in 1980. Steady contact with Natives such as Pamala meant their Small Town talk had me/us pegged closer than most Rumor-Mills,noting that All of the girls had been kissing the haggling,kilt-wearing Kook long before he began to accumulate the trappings of wealth,whereas many other outsiders believed there was some sort of pay-for-play involved. // Another shock to her friend's systems was Pamala's utter disregard for their hitherto closely-guarded reputations. A fair number of Locals were turning out to cheer the Scratch Soccer Match between Darstadt & Giebelstadt,and the VW Camper's squeaking Shocks were collecting some unwanted attention,so they tossed their lawn-chairs in the back,a blanket over us,and rolled Jana's Parents well-known Bulli inside our walls and on around the Homestead to Park beside the Shower Room,below the Slut Scout Campsite..While Pamala continued to throw her generous weight around atop me during a very passionate,perpetually kissing ride. The Humpahos were impressed by 'My Catch'. Away from the prying eyes of neighbors,Jana & Lil went topless while re-pitching Camp,rousing the girls to establish a Tribal Nudist Colony by plugging the Gap between the Bulli and our Eastern wall with the VAB-SAN & it's triple inflated Tents. Pamala was a natural Sparkplug,embracing the most essential elements of her 'Guilt-free-Fuck' in slashing throes of release her friends were recouping their giggles witnessing..Though some portion of their laughter was reserved for the 'Sex Machines' the girls were toting from the Homestead's back door across the Lawn to the VAB...... (Currently Listening To : Toto : Toto)      
Topics: Incredastory, Mature