TRP - GOOD Friday ~ Overture

..."She don't care no more. She gets paid on Friday".... We Convoyed both Star Cruisers and a couple of Smiley Vans to Wurzburg Chapel to attend Good Friday Service. It was straight-there-and-back for us,with others among the Tribe & Campers organizing runs to fetch supplies,dump garbage and set the stage for a Communal Easter-Egg Decorating Party. I was being kept out of it; The Humpahos laid down Temporary Laws of Restrictions against me Cooking or Concerting and on down a list that included damn-near anything that gave the impression I was Hosting this event. That extended to the Gutersloh ATC's announcing their Gift of Vehicles for my Troops while I was away at Church. My primary function was to be seen relaxing and having fun in the Sun when the girls offered me breaks from Sexual Servitude. It was also April Fool's Day,so I was aiming to do my best to keep it simple and sober enough to stay on my toes. I was having a hard time coping with the proportion of Moms congregated between the Quarry and inside our Barn Decorating Eggs with their kids watching Cartoons & Movies on our Projection Screen TV who were sending me covetous looks while most of the guys were busy organizing and laying wagers on Football,Soccer,Softball and Volleyball Tournaments. With few exceptions,it was as if our end of the Camp was designated for Women & Children and the other for Men. Some of the Humpahos were getting their kicks following my wandering eyes whispering mischief a'plenty,"Want that one in the Blue bikini"? & etc,when we were out and about..Which would have been taunting easy enough to deal with had the Background Music not been so conducive to booty-shaking. Above and beyond other themes,It Was Friday: The Humpahos were gearing-up for an Epic Initiation Ceremony. It had been awhile since I'd Recruited anyone,and they were insisting that I should take advantage of this rare opportunity to follow my Instincts," the great outdoors",so they led me on tours to browse the Single Gals & Single Moms they'd Scouted-out. That plan made small account for the random aims & actions of others,as occurred when we approached a trio of Kite-flying German girls beside a weathered Aquamarine/White 1967 VW 'Bulli' split-windscreen pop-up Camper,and while distracted by the Vintage Wheels I was ambushed for a slashing Soul-Kiss by Pamala,a buxom Blonde Pixie who worked the Register at her Family's Deli in Giebelstadt. We'd been flirting in fairly innocent ways since she 'Sprouted' during her 15th Summer. Pamala was 18 now and playful as a Kitten smitten with 3 years of part-time 'Crush' delivered from dreams-to-reality. When she pressed me through the Van's open doors and freed the boney for a brazenly spit-polished wank her giggly friends swiftly switched to gasps as Pamala forced a trade of hands upon me spewing a babble of heftily-puffed pornographic promises for a guilt-free-fuck using the Local's Colloquial. Crazy Deena,Dana,Jan & Lacey Marie stood casual lookouts while introducing themselves to the Kite-flyers,Jana & Lil(Lillianne),neighborhood friends who were both gawking and titillated by the pace of Raw Seduction they were witnessing..... (Currently Listening To : Warren Zevon : Excitable Boy)     
Topics: Incredastory, Mature