The Rake's Progress - 4th's & 1/2

..."Do you,don't you? Will you,won't you"?.... "You're not Human",Red purred woozily before making a lithe move out of the saddle to flop onto her left side and draw me into 'Spoon'. Guiding the boney to the welcoming warmth of her twitchy pooter,she squiggled to maximize skin contact of our slimy cuddle,moaning faintly when I forced her hands to join mine scooping the juices on her tummy South to augment the matted mess of her Auburn Beaver. "Aye,a'fore it gits skeezy-cold",Red bantered friskily,"No one likes slippin into a wet Swimsuit 'eh"? "You're far too hot for that..I'm on the verge of gobbling a World-Record creampie and I don't intend to let it slide away". "That's a level of honesty few men ever attain",she continued to broadcast on frisky airwaves,"And undoubtedly the randiest thing I've Ever fookin heard". "Fibber",I countered by parting her sopping sex for a series of softly gurgling queefs. "Oh,Luv",Red wafted lazily,"You keep it frank by me and I'll Salute your Freak-Flag every time you raise it. Tag me when yer in need of a playmate". I closed to whisper in her ear,"I'd like to Tag you to be the Twin Sister of my Fantasies"? "Salute",she chuckled softly,"Have you a Sister in life"? "Not yet. Ma's got one on the way". Red's fever soared as she turned to kiss my cheek,"No use denying we share Hot-Blood". "None",I confirmed in pleasured tones,"It's our strength And weakness". "Can't help ourselves,Luv",her trembling hands covered mine,entwining fingers for a tawdry double-diddling,"We fit too finely"..... (Currently Listening To : Various Artists : Windows Media Player - Playlist - MP3 Transfer)     
Topics: Incredastory, Mature