TRP - 4th's (quarticeps)

..."What's this then: 'Romanes eunt domus'? People called Romanes they go the house"?.... I started a dumb thing trying to be clever. Red Fox had 'Mane Fortis' Tattooed in a shallow arc under her Celtic Cross. When she climbed aboard I gripped her waist and pressed my thumbs towards her navel,"So you're 'Morning Solid'"? "It says 'Stay Strong'". "No it doesn't",Amy sniggered,"If it was reversed to Fortis Mane it would translate to 'Solid Morning',but that's as close as it comes to `Stay Strong` and it can't be moved any closer". Musing,"I haven't paid it much attention",Celeste leaned-in for a closer look,"Who translated this for you"? "A dead man",Red growled grumpily,"I was fixed on 'Bi Laidir' before the Inksmith talked me out of it". "Gaelic would have been better",Celeste commiserated with a concerned frown,"It's heinous to make such a mean joke last a lifetime". Hoping to appease Red's rapidly-rising ire,"We can fix this",I traced a finger over the arc and continued to delineate a circle,"These letters are block-style. They can be transformed into a Celtic Knot". "WE can fix this"?,Red quizzed with a pointed stare. "Yes. We own a Tattoo Kit". Red morphed into a Gremlin,"We can fix that Inksmith up right-nice too,then,'eh"?,placed her hands on my shoulders and pressed me back down,"Pay the Bastart Prankster back with fuggin interest-earned..'I got a wee Whilly',or some-such written 'cross 'is forehead"? "How 'bout Compounding that Interest-Rate"?,I offered glibly,"Write something ON his Whilly"? Red slowed for a thoughtful moment,put a lewd swirl on her pelvis and chortled,"'Men Only'"! "In as many languages as you can fit on it",I added with a wicked giggle. "Torture of Ink-and-Needles",she snickered gently while bellying into the slop,"I'm lovin the way yer perverted mind schemes". I spread my knees to adopt a submissive posture of 'Missionary' while praising,"I love the way your perverted muscles are scheming to blow my mind",flexed the boney firmly,"Gimme that Last inch of you,Hun",and watched Red grow a pleasantly passionate smile as she shifted slightly,then shivered mightily when the helmet nudged bottom; "Hoooh..Th-There ya are,Luv". "There you are..Trapped"!,I sent my heels to lock her in place and hammered her with short-sharp strokes,"Cum on Meeeee"! "Go-yer fuggin-WAAAGH"!..'splash'!.."TAKE THAT THEN"!..... (Currently Listening To : Rain pelting my Tin Roof - I hope it helps the Firefighters along the NE Florida/SE Georgia Border.)       
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