2016 - A years review

Good and Bad - I just want to highlight this year's events in my life. Normally I will use this space to share stories and parts of stories but I'd rather just make a quick record of the great things this year and the shit that was just plain fucked up.

The Good:

- A wonderful relationship with an amazing girl bloomed

- I developed self-confidence

- I quit smoking cigarettes

- I cut back on heavy drinking of hard liquor

- I learned to leave the past behind

The Bad:

- Both my grandma and her sister passed - Nov. 18 (grandma) and Nov. 28 (great aunt)

- DonFUCKINGald JIZZING Fucking Trump (COCKSUCKER) is president elect - causing me to lose all faith in this country (now CUNT-ry - I lost respect)

- After months of hard living in 2015 and trying to keep independence I had to move back home from where I was - this is also partially good because I spent months living with assholes who abused animals AND robbed me of my paycheques, then a friend who just abandoned me, and had seen a girl who looking back... she was a HATEFUL bitch and an obnoxious SJW (A WASTE of my time) can't believe I ever missed her. Oh well - if I hadn't come home I wouldn't know my dear Kittykat.

- Family shit,

Here's hoping to 2017. I hope to make better of my life!

- Justin
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