Our Old Space

Face it, Facebook has become a monolithic catchall for everything click oriented, and with good reason. It has entrenched itself as the go-to clearinghouse of most web based interaction for most people. Friends are on there. Memes and news stories. Facebook has even adopted a suspiciously promoted "trending" sidebar, with stories that seem to include a smattering of genuine news items admixed with a glut of paid for celebrity gossip, and notes on what the Comcast goldenboy Jimmy Fallon is doing now. But there is a palpable fakeness with Facebook. It's a totalitarian and sometimes draconian controlled network, and people are reluctant to leave. Why? Because so many of their friends, relatives, long lost classmates from 5th grade, and other acquaintances have found their way onto Facebook's alluring maw over the past ten years, and they, unlike the Myspace and Friendster before that, have not left.

But Facebook is past its prime. The vapid landscape of random friends posting passive aggressive memes about an ex, the clickbait articles shared at an alarming rate through a mind clogging feed, the general passive nature of Facebook has outmoded itself. OurOldSpace, on the other hand, presents a fresh, clean interface with mounds of possibility. OurOldSpace bears the promise had by earlier instantiations of Myspace, Friendster and even Facebook itself. It's the new subdivision, not yet inhabited. It's the place to set up a page, and encourage your friends to do the same. It's a place yet uncluttered by the commercial interests of various companies. It holds promise.
I'd call all my friends over, but since I became disabled - - - a friend seems to be something I'm searching for.
  • August 25, 2017
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