Bill Baird

Bill Baird
55 yrs old
United Kingdom

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Bill Baird

Lives in United Kingdom · Born on November 3, 1963

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Had some work to do, but my back had better ideas, so I'm on the computer instead! Thanks, I hope you're doing well.
Flossie   Fryer
Bill Baird
Good morning Lady! How fares the day so far???
Bill Baird
Amplifier A class single ended.
Bill Baird
Monday start of cancer treatment 47 days every day - HMM
Bill Baird
I appreciate both the good wishes and the input am frankly concerned - would be odd if I were not so, many thanks, great your friend made it out of the problem - long may it last for you both.
  • March 9, 2013
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Bill Baird
Am now in remission - good news
  • August 17, 2014
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Bill Baird
Rather interestingly your gender is specified as Male HMM what DO the girls look like????
mark fowler
iam good whats going on
Bill Baird
Not much at moment some electronics to complete and case then test and finish off a pair of loudspeaker enclosures for younger son -keep me active over week end - and you???
  • February 22, 2013
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Bill Baird
Bill Baird
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