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Woof II

Woof II
58 yrs old
United States

Woof II's Interests
General Blogging,Things Disney,Music,Aviation and Plastic Scale modeling.
Music I listen to a lot.
Movies I watched some
Television Don't watch much
Books I read some
Heroes My Pappy. - The wimmin who have putting up with my BS for 30 years and still lay a little lovin on me occasionally.
Woof II's Details
Status: It's complicated
Here for: Blogging,Light & Breezy Social Intercourse
Orientation: Noneya
Body type: Worn-Out
Ethnicity: Human
Zodiac: Krebs
Children: Blamed for more than I helped create
Education: Technical
Occupation: Retired Sexual Dynamo
Income: From Disability

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Woof II

Lives in Freakville, Florida United States · Born on July 5, 1959

Woof II's Blurbs

About me:

Olde Hippy,Moped Rider,Provocative Mo-Fo.("I AM TASTY MILKER"!) <- Porn Name from Van Rokk's chart.

Who i'd like to meet :

Me,on a time-travel jaunt.

Woof II
Woof II
Woof II
Woof II
Woof II
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Woof II
Done now.
  • December 6, 2017
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Woof II
Woof II
Woof II
Not my Work: Some 'Grumpy Old Modellers' on FB have developed Mad Skillz
Woof II
Woof II
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