Self-Portrait (photoshop) 2013


29 yrs old
United States

Lauren's Interests
General Art, writing, politics, comedy, food, & all things retro & unique.
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Lauren's Details
Status: Single
Here for: Trying to establish a community like I had on the old MySpace of various people with various interests. I don't care who you are or what you think or what you do, if you can dig, Welcome aboard the cosmic wagon.
Orientation: idk, centered maybe?
Body type: Short
Ethnicity: Human
Zodiac: Pisces
Children: Delicious with the right kind of sauce
Education: Some College
Occupation: Schmo
Income: What's that?

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Lives in Rock Island, Illinois United States · Born on March 20, 1990

I represent myself & others should too. Why do we need someone else to speak for me or you? We all have our own voices that ring louder than that of a single selfish fraud, an overpaid puff that twi...

**** One of my first published works written for a college poetry class in 2011, published in the yearly issue of BHC Voices, a yearly collection of top-rated writings by current students*****   I say...

How steadily he walks, never tiring How does the creature even move The weight of a world on his back A grand world from the outside, Untamed, unpolished, with great hills and mountains Specked with b...
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