St. Dionysios RedPill Factory

St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
57 yrs old

St. Dionysios RedPill Factory's Interests
General Eastern Orthodox Church
my children's education
the Conspiracy(tm)
making music
White-American ethnic solidarity
Music Eastern Orthodox Liturgical
video game
Movies Marginally more interesting than television shows.
Television Generally not interested. I stopped watching in about the year 2000. Never got back into it.
Books Orthodox Christian literature
Revisionist Historical literature
Heroes St. Alexander Nevsky
St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco
St. John of Kronstadt
St. Dionysios the Areopagite
All Orthodox Saints
Miles Mathis
St. Dionysios RedPill Factory's Details
Status: Not Entered
Here for: Here for my people
Orientation: My Wife
Body type: Yes
Ethnicity: White-American
Zodiac: Irrelevant
Children: Many
Education: Vast
Occupation: Dad
Income: Meager

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St. Dionysios RedPill Factory

Lives in Athens, Greece · Born on October 16, 1963

St. Dionysios RedPill Factory's Blurbs

About me:

I'm an Eastern Orthodox Christian husband and dad, a traditional monarchist, a conspiracy theorist, and a devoted fan of truth wherever I can find it. I'm as serious as a heart attack.

Keep in mind I am also fairly paranoid, so identifying information which I feel to be too specific is deliberately obfuscated for security reasons. If I wasn't concerned about these things, I'd probably just be on Fakeberg.

Who i'd like to meet :

I'd like to meet people who can respectfully share their differing perspectives. Feel free to respectfully try to change my mind about things. Circle-jerk echo-chambers are crap, but I'm not interested in fighting with assholes, either. I will speak the truth as I see it, to the maximum extent allowed by law, and expect others to do the same. If that's unacceptable to you, by all means find someone else to read.

St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
In his Disrn Newsletter, Adam Ford - founder of the admittedly-excellent Babylon Bee, had this to tell his subscribers:

Syria disaster ߘ
Here's an update on the tragic Syria situation since we last spo...
St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
St. Dionysios RedPill Fac

Dolly's Braces
by Miles Mathis

Here, Miles makes known the truth about one of the biggest, most well-known Mandela Effects: Dolly's braces from Moonraker (Bond film...
St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
Christophorus CoffeeHour
How did you get away with St. Dionysios RedPill Factory? I just tried to change my display name to St. Christophorus Coffee Hour cause I liked the naming convention, and it limited me to 25 character...
Christophorus CoffeeHour
That's fine. I'll live. Christophorus CoffeeHour is good too.
  • October 13, 2019
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Christophorus CoffeeHour
I entered my birth year and it calculates how old I am! That's useful as I often forget.
  • October 13, 2019
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St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
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Woof II
My portion of the Known Universe is clearly being Ad-Libbed.
  • October 14, 2019
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St. Dionysios RedPill Fac
Special thanks go out to St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church for hosting the *entire* "An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith" by St. John of Damascus

Lest anyone ever believe the contemporary unde...
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