Emcee Sweezy Mike

Emcee Sweezy Mike
27 yrs old
United States

Emcee Sweezy Mike's Interests
General Music.
Music Coconut Records.
Movies Titanic and The Matrix.
Television Spike TV.
Books Be A Better You.
Heroes Bill Murray.
Emcee Sweezy Mike's Details
Status: Single
Here for: Cheap Cigarettes and Magazines.
Orientation: Chinese Food.
Body type: Clark Kent.
Ethnicity: White AF.
Zodiac: Killer.
Children: And Divorce.
Education: From age 4 to 25.
Occupation: Proclamation
Income: The Germans!

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Emcee Sweezy Mike

Lives in Concord, California United States · Born on June 9, 1991

Emcee Sweezy Mike's Blurbs

About me:

I'm dank as eff.

Who i'd like to meet :

Pauly Shore.