24 yrs old
United States

DaleRay's Interests
General Any type of exploration and adventure.
Music ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Movies Anything scary funny or epic.
Television Spongebob.. That is all ^-^
Books To many to list I read any book I can get my hands on.
Heroes Every time you see this, I want you to know YOU are my hero Love, everything you do and say inspires me and drives me into action. BOOM
DaleRay's Details
Status: Not Entered
Here for: You.
Orientation: (;
Body type: Mehh
Ethnicity: Atlantian
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Children: Maybe
Education: College
Occupation: Wally World
Income: Not Entered

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Born on December 16

DaleRay's Blurbs

About me:

Hi there the name is DaleRay. I'm a complicated individual. I either like you or I don't; there is no middle ground with me. I am an open minded individual who is always willing and able to do something that I know will provide me with a wonderful experience. I am a pretty laid back and calm creature, but I have a wild crazy and destructive side that likes to come out at times. Music is something that I have found to fill my soul with joy and purpose. I am very protective of the things and people that I love, and I will use every ounce of my strength and power to keep them safe from harm. I can make for a wonderful and loyal friend or for an enemy you would never wish for so which will I be to you? Let's find out together.

Who i'd like to meet :

Different people...

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Living in a Circle
Just had a few choice minutes to stop over to bust on you just a little, like why are you not in my closet yet? and have you seen my cherry chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream ... I know you!!!
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Silly boy. I've been waiting, so you not hear the loud THUDS?!! Perhaps you are so distracted by looking for your cherry chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, that you have noticed the rising sound of a danger that is awaiting you...
  • March 2, 2017
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