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General High Power Laser Light Show Rental Equipment, Laser Logo Billboard Display Signage Projection Mapping. We provide professional quality innovation as part of our Worldwide custom production services. We specialize in extremely powerful laser systems that range between 20 watts - 250 Watts of spectacular aerial laser light show presentations and rental production services provided for almost any Venue style or location custom designed for almost any type of high profile event theme, concert tour, live broadcast televised award shows, fashion show event services, film special effects, corporate events, laser show displays, Holiday events, mainstream festivals, theme park event services, company laser logo display projections, product or brand marketing presentation laser design effects, television commercial laser lighting design effects, convention services, custom trade show booth laser lighting special effects, exposition design production services, motion picture extreme laser special effects, laser text lettering, laser advertisement, laser entertainment and special effect animated laser graphics. We also provide extreme animated lighting design packages, theatrical lighting wash, film shoot set effect designs, gaffer services, soundstage laser effect and motion picture set laser & lighting Design production rental services provided for many international locations.
Contact Information: (707) 484-8757 - Offices
Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide
Hours - Mon-Fri 12PM-6PM PST USA
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Music Stage production lighting, high power laser light shows, special effect lighting, truss, stage truss design,
theatrical stage lighting wash, laser screens, laser video projection and much more.
Movies International Motion Picture / Feature Film Shoot Laser Lighting Design Services, Gip support services, Extreme High Power Class IV Laser Specialized Effects, film Set Designs and Lighting Effect / Prop Decoration Services.

We have designed and provided many extreme laser design and lighting design rental services to many feature films, motion picture / feature film and independent movie film shoot soundstage set design services Worldwide.
Television TEP Worldwide provides professional Film shoot Lighting design, high power laser rentals provided for feature film Sets and film shoots for live broadcast television shows from around the Globe - Tribal Existance Productions also provides production support and rental services to Network TV and Independent television production companies worldwide.
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Occupation: International High Power Laser Light Show Rental and Professional Lighting Production Services By Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide
Income: 500k - 2.5M

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Lives in Rohnert Park, California United States · Born on April 10, 1975
Laser Light Show Rental Services Lighting Design Worldwide
Mimosa Live Concert Marketing Edit 2014 - TEP Worldwide
Intero 2014 Set Edited Marketing - TEP Worldwide
Marcus at Paypal 2014 Edited Marketing TEP Worldwide
024 - Marketing Edit - Award Show Stage Lighting Set up - 2012 Grammy Award Show - Staple Center LA - TEP Worldwide
3D Laser Light Show Graphics with Artificial Fog and Haze CO2 Display - TEP Worldwide
018 - New Grammy Award Show 2012 - Stage Design - Paul Macartney - TEP Worldwide
000001 Marketing Edit I love Laser Shows Ad - TEP Worldwide
00 Marketing Raw Laser Beam Show Full Color Patterns Marketing Image Only J99x74-00080
002 - NewLaserLogo0101NBC1byTEPWorldwide - Compressed File
120 Marketing Edit Pepsi Laser Logo by TEP Worldwide
082 - Marketing Edit - Rocks Laser Show by TEP Worldwide - end of 8 2010 014(2)
029 - Outdoor Sky Show - Full Color - 068 - TEPW
000001 COMPANY LOGO tribalexistance.com - (707)-484-8757 - TEP Worldwide - 001
00 Marketing Edit St Patricks Day Lasers and Lighting - TEP Worldwide
00 Marketing Edit Smaller New Years Eve AD 03 Ring In The NYE 2012 - TEP Worldwide
00 Marketing Edit Sized 03 Laser Light Show Image 02 - TEP Worldwide
010 - 02 - High Power Lighting Wash Fixture DMX Outdoor Large Scale Stadium - TEP Worldwide 2011