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46 yrs old
United States

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Here for: Blogging, inspiration, and maybe a little fun...
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Christi's Happy Blog Place

Lives in Satsuma, Alabama United States · Born on December 21, 1972

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About me:

Hmm... I guess I should introduce myself huh?

Christi here.

Former Myspazz Blogger, Writer and current office manager of a small family owned and operated business, cuz writing doesn't keep the power on...(yet)

Lets see...

What else could you possibly want to know?

I have the most amazing boyfriend.

He truly is my fairytale.

No kids of my own but I have a HOST of nieces and nephews and a beautiful granddaughter that I spoil to pieces every chance I get.

Grand Daughter, you say? With no kids? Noticed that, huh?

I'm magic.

Ok. I'm not.

That amazing boyfriend I mentioned earlier?

He came with a teenage son, at the time. Him and his girlfriend gave us Macie Lynn almost 3 years ago.

Way I see it, I got the best part of having kids without actually having to spit one out myself.

Since I'm a wuss, this is a good thing Smile

I live in Satsuma, Alabama.

Yes, I have a southern drawl and I drive an F150.

But, damn near everyone around here does.

I have a host of crazy friends and a crapload of well-meaning but usually way off course family members but I’m sure you'll be hearing more about them soon enough.


Here's the deal people.

I love to write.

I love to make people laugh, make them think, make them feel...

I'm generally a positive person.


It's been a long, bumpy, tear flooded, road sprinkled intermittenly with anger, hate, betrayal, and a host of other negative emotions.

But I LOVE where I ended up.

And, most importantly, I love WHO I ended up being.

I wanna write, meet new people, challenge them and challenge myself.

But, most of all, I wanna have a little fun.

So, introduce yourself and let’s get this party started, shall we?

Who i'd like to meet :

Not Entered

Christi's Happy Blog Plac
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Hi there,

Happy to be your friend.
Hang in there.
The party has just begun.......

  • February 14, 2014
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Pink Mystique
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Pink Mystique
Thanks for the friend request.
  • February 14, 2014
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Thanks for the friend request. And welcome to my page.
  • February 11, 2014
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Christi's Happy Blog Plac
Christi's Happy Blog Plac
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