Cheryl Scott

Cheryl Scott
58 yrs old
United States

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Television I'm a news junkie. Have to have my daily dose!
Books I've been reading on a Nook for a little over a year. Didn't use it for a good year cause I loved my books. But with old age, the eyes get tired easily and the nook has great options for easier reading...so it's now my choice for reading. I read a lot of mystery, horror, scify. I read every day, every chance I get.
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Cheryl Scott

Lives in  New Hampshire United States · Born on March 31

Cheryl Scott's Blurbs

About me:

I have a degree in Art/Music but found that business paid the bills. After a couple decades of supervising C-Stores W/Gas stations all over MA including the islands, I changed up directions in my life once again. My husband was a finish carpenter and followed him and his work until he died a few years ago.

I've been in Northern New Hampshire since the early 90's. I am currently selling everything, including my home and some land in another area to live full time in Florida. I found a new life in Central Florida with great friends and a wonderful area to live and play and work.

I have slowly returned to my roots of art and music and will continue to explore my options when I've finally settled down south.

I love to read and miss reading and commenting blogs. I love getting to know new people in RL as well as online.

Who i'd like to meet :

I'd love to meet up with the old me that was an artist/musician with tons of friends who shared the same passion. She's in here, and I'm working on bringing her zest for life back to life. When she finally arrives, I'll be shouting from the rooftops

Flossie   Fryer
Oooo.... I see Maggie Mae is loving Florida! That's really clean water for lakes around here. I wouldn't put my foot in the lake at the end of my street, yet people water ski and jet ski in it! It...
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Cheryl Scott
Cheryl Scott
Cheryl Scott
Cheryl Scott
trying to find my way around on here. been so long I forgot how to navigate it lol
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Cheryl Scott
Hi Renee! long time no see
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Cheryl Scott
Robin Simrill
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Cheryl Scott
hi Robin!!
  • June 6, 2013
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Cheryl Scott
hey Darlene! nice seeing you on here, it brings back some great memories..I can actually navigate around this place. love it
Me too!!! I'm excited. I'm trying to edit my profile, but really don't have time. I'm supposed to be leaving on a short trip in a couple of hours and here I am playing on My Old Myspace. LOL

Good seeing you here too. I hope a lot of our friends come over here. ;-)
  • June 6, 2013
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