Dirk Weinmeister

Dirk Weinmeister
37 yrs old

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Here for: Mostly blogging - was connected in with the old network , kine of got use to it , mostly interactions [I joined the first time cause a friend asked me to.] seems like I got hooked on Topical-Blogs. Some personal , some just open as lecture bases , others are me just walking the razor. 'I kine of understand social network an peer types sharing sites ... but cant honnestly say.
Here to be me in a cyber form an Stay reasonbly in one place on the internet = I'm mostly anti social ''or as I call it Anty Social'' I hold more questions then answers.
An for fellow users it wont be too long till they notice most of my 'MEANS' ~ basically it never really takes me long from be'ing kicked out of places.
Because there really isn't much of me to know ~ I usually compensate it by spectical of my self by goofing off or offensive posting about my anger still burning about ADFR [Australian Defense Force Recruitment] which is rather a long story ~ an trash talk policing authorities on the web.

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Lives in Australia · Born on November 11, 1982