57 yrs old
United States

Allie's Interests
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Heroes Anyone who can make a positive difference in this world and not walk away when a wrong is being done. Those that do not think they are better than anyone else. No one has a choice as what they will be when being born..if we did I am most positive many would have asked life to have dealt them a better hand...Some were blessed more than others...doesn't seem fair but who said life is fair...
Any person that saves an animal..I have saved and rescued many and wish I could save them all and stop the insanity of cruelty and breeding. People should be more responsible. It is up to us please if you see harm being done get involved..It could be you that needs saving someday...
Allie's Details
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Orientation: straight
Body type: slender
Ethnicity: white/Native Indian/Irish/German (Mut) Smile
Zodiac: Capricorn
Children: My Dogs ! Miss the many and my Abbie,Cat..that are now in heaven..RIP Sweet Babies!
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